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Taxman takes interest in presenters’ fashion


HMRC is asking TV presenters if they are told to stand in certain places in the studio and if they are allowed to choose their own clothes or must pick from a wardrobe provided by their employer. The questions are designed to reveal whether the TV presenter should be classed as employed or self-employed. Other questions that are being asked include to what extent the presenters are told what to say, or what to ask guests, and whether or not they conduct their own research for a programme. Separately, actor Robert Glenister has written an angry letter to the taxman claiming he and fellow actors were victims of a "wholly immoral and unethical witch-hunt" when HMRC cracked down on the use of personal services companies. An HMRC spokesman said: "HMRC treats people equally and fairly when we enforce the rules. Rules ensure that individuals working like employees, but through their own limited company, pay broadly the same tax and NI contributions as other employees."

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